Ca Mau targets its shrimp farming area at 15,000 hectares by 2020 - N.G Vietnam Seafood
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Ca Mau targets its shrimp farming area at 15,000 hectares by 2020

Ca Mau targets its shrimp farming area at 15,000 hectares by 2020

According to Ca Mau Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, by 2020 Ca Mau targets its shrimp farming area at 15,000 hectares (an average increase of 1,000 hectares per year).

Currently, Ca Mau province is focusing on developing application high-tech, biosecurity, environmentally friendly to shrimp farming models in order to meet the requirements of sustainable production; striving to reach the average yield from 9-10 tons per hectare per year and total yield from 140,000-150,000 tons per year. Farmed species are defined as black tiger shrimp and white-legged shrimp under industrial farming model.

In order to ensure industrial shrimp farming to reach the targets, the province’s agricultural sector has implemented many sync solutions. Accordingly, localities are required to review planning urgently, adjust and supplement shrimp farming based on the elements of natural conditions, avoiding spontaneous planning. The planning will be associated with environment protection, disease prevention, quality materials and seeds as well as compliance with the technical processes for efficient production.
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At the same time, the province will encourage enterprises and establishments engaging food, chemical and materials trading to ensure supplying of high quality products for farmers; build linkage through granting advanced capital for farmers and they will pay back after harvesting fish. Also, it will strengthen inspection and monitor food, chemical and material for farmers in order to meet the demands of the growing clean products market.

The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural development also recommended that Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee should direct relevant agencies to increase investment in infrastructure to serve industrial shrimp farming, in which focusing on power and irrigation, strengthen environmental management, branding to enhance the competitiveness of Ca Mau’s shrimp products.

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