CP Group to visit N.G Vietnam Seafood in Ca Mau - N.G Vietnam Seafood
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CP Group to visit N.G Vietnam Seafood in Ca Mau

N.G với Tập đoàn CP

CP Group to visit N.G Vietnam Seafood in Ca Mau

Since the early days of establishment, N.G Vietnam Seafood Company has emerged as a pioneer in vannamei farming in Vietnam. Not only does the company always learn and apply the successful farming models in the world such as CP Group – one of the largest corporations in the world in agriculture and food processing, but also sophisticatedly combine with practical farming experiences to constantly improve the most advanced and friendly-environment process of farming.

The production of white leg shrimps that N.G Vietnam has been achieving so far is 9-10 tons shrimp/ pond with the area of 1,600m2 only after a three-month harvest. With such impressive results on output, farming process and preeminent infrastructure, N.G Vietnam has become a typical partner of CP Group in Southeast Asia.

Thành quả thu hoạch ấn tượng của N.G Việt Nam: 9-10 tấn tôm/ao nuôi 1,600m2 chỉ sau một vụ mùa 3 tháng.

The impressive result of N.G Vietnam: 9-10 tons of shrimps/ pond 1.600m2 just after a 3-month harvest.

Approved by NG Vietnam, on May 31st and June 7th, the CP Group invited the representatives of CP Group in Malaysia, India, Philippines and Vietnam to N.G Vietnam in Ngoc Hien, Ca Mau to visit and learn shrimp farming model.

CP 1

From the left: Mr. Kriengsac – Mr. Nam (General Director of CP Vietnam) – Mr. Van Do (Technical and Training Manager of N.G Vietnam) – Mr. Wangchung (Deputy General Director of CP Vietnam)- Mr. Jirarod (Manager of Aquaculture Technique in 3 provinces: Bac Lieu, Kien Giang and Ca Mau).

Thanks to the visit, CP has made many objective evaluation on N.G Vietnam:

  1. Production results: High productivity and stability, low risk, good coefficients (survival rate, FCR, shrimp size…).
  2. Planning: Just a few enterprises have complete and logical planning such as N.G Vietnam: from sedimentation ponds, treatment ponds, nursery ponds to grow-out ponds, which reflects rational and methodical design investment.
  3. Others: Young and abundant labor force, favorable environment for shrimp culture (water quality, geology…).
CP và NG

Meetings between CP’s representatives and N.G Vietnam took place in an open, sincere and straightforward atmosphere.

CP’s representatives expressed amazement and admiration for the achievements that N.G Vietnam has achieved in a short time. N.G Vietnam also shares frankly with them on each stage of its current production process, both technically and personally.

The parties hope that the co-operation between the two companies will always be strong and developing.

Source: N.G Vietnam

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