Production Process - N.G Vietnam Seafood
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Production Process

Farming img_symbol

NG in Vietnam is adopting a “high-tech industrial shrimp farming model”, meaning production by industrial scale and using high technology to create productivity and quality and increase the product value, which can simplify expansion of the investment scale.

Our company has been focusing on researching and applying advanced technologies and techniques in shrimp farming in order to become the top-quality shrimp producer whose products’ quality surpasses the advancements now applied by other producers.


Currently, N.G Company is applying the shrimp farming procedures advised by the world’s leading farming corporation – Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P) – Thailand and using microbiological products of Bayer Group – Germany.


We are also importing 100% shrimp brood stock and feeds from C.P. However, in fact, thanks to our company’s innovation on water quality management, our farming quality even exceeds C.P’ standards and our shrimps are of higher quality than that of C.P’ standard procedures.

Since 2016, N.G Vietnam has cooperated with the leading aquaculture universities in Vietnam and research institutes to continuously improve product quality.


We control the quality of the water in reservoirs as well as in the nursery and grow-out ponds to ensure that the water is clean and disease-free, thus avoiding the need for antibiotics using.


In addition, with the use of modern wastewater treatment systems that can meet strict standards, N.G Vietnam is committed to ensuring biosecurity, protecting ecosystem and surrounding natural landscapes.

Processing img_symbol

N.G Viet Nam farming procedure allows:

  • Set up a rigorous monitoring program and monitor the farming process at allgrowingstages, from brood stock, full-grown shrimp,till harvest and delivery of shrimp to the processing factory.
  • Control of shrimp disease, shrimp color, antibiotic, especially ensureno antibiotic residue in shrimp, which helps shrimp products in good shape, firm structure, avoids shrinkage,mud smells after processing and cooking.


Besides, our team has been conducting R&D to optimize all indicators related to the shrimp farming procedures such as:

  • Feeds for the most delicious shrimp meat
  • Suitable density and space for shrimp farming
  • No use of antibiotics
  • Waste minimization (to zero waste) to environment
  • Annual 10% productivity increase


For export purpose, N.G Vietnam is cooperating with a number of processing factory (with modern infrastructure and ISO certification, meeting processing standards of Europe, Japan and USA).


It is expected that by the year 2019, N.G Vietnam will complete the construction of a standard processing factory that can meet all international standards to achieve a completely closed aquaculture products supply chain.

Infrastructure img_symbol

In order to build farms that producesthe highest quality products with hi-tech machinery but still obtains ecological landscape of high-end resorts, we have specially devoted large investment to advanced infrastructure, ensuring product quality biosafety.


Moreover, the farms of N.G Vietnam also have systems of trees and lawns combined with pond systems creating typical clean farms that are unique in the world and leading in the area.


N.G Vietnam believes that modern and effective infrastructure is the ideal foundation for both extensive and intensive shrimp farming. We have been building:

  • Input and Output water treatment system
  • Shrimp cultivating ponds system
  • Electricity system
  • Transportation system
  • System of water quality management equipment
  • Product quality control system


Infrastructure of N.G Vietnam always meets basic production requirements such as: Designed in modular form, with separate water supply and drainage system; sedimentation ponds; water treatment ponds and fresh water ponds to supply for nursery ponds (about 30% of area), drainage system and wastewater treatment ponds, Biogas system to treat wastewater prior to discharge into the environment (10-15% of area); with electricity grid, backup machine; warehouses, machinery, tools, materials and other auxiliary facilities (houses, toilets …).


In addition, NG Vietnam always provides specialized equipment, machineryandtools such as: water blower, water pump, automatic feeding machine, bottom oxygen blower, instruments for water environment testing about pH, oxygen, NH3, H2S, salinity, alkalinity, and other auxiliary equipment.


For the first time in the world, the applications of the 4.0 revolution will be applied in N.G Vietnam projects. The boundaries between physics, digital and biology will be dulled by a modern, 100% automated system that uses artificial intelligence (AI).


Shrimp nursery, shrimp farming and feed manufacturing will be fully automated to provide absolute precision in terms of output quality as well as assurance in energy conservation, environment and ecosystem protection.