Quality Control - N.G Vietnam Seafood
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Quality Control

Quality control img_symbol

N.G Vietnam commits to always associate the company with quality, food safety, information traceability, environmental issues and sustainable development.


We own a superior farming and processing process, and an infrastructure with 100% new and modern equipment. Together with the strict quality control system, we can meet the highest and strictest criteria of all domestic and foreign markets.


With the main principles of Respect, Trust and Responsibility, while prioritizing quality and safety of products, we always adhere to the regulations and medical guidelines at the shrimp farm.


We also actively cooperate with industrial/agricultural agencies and accreditation agencies to ensure that our products are safe and of high quality when trading with domestic and foreign customers.


Quality Control

Quality management is always our top priority in order to attract customers and partners. With outstanding business practices on both quality and management, N.G Vietnam is able to effectively control the quality of cultured shrimp.


Below are the business practices that we are applying or going to apply:

  • Continuously innovating the shrimp farming and processing procedures
  • Strictly complying with food safety and hygiene standards in accordance with current quality management standards such as ASC, BAP.
  • Committing to provide safe and high-quality products that meet the strictest requirements of every partner and every customer.
  • Developing and implementing a quality management system that meets international aquaculture certification programs such as ASC and BAP.
  • Having own shrimp cultivating farms and own processing facilities
  • Establishing a technical specialist team responsible for our process and system inspection to ensure that they are economical yet highly effective as well as for advices on quality improvement
  • Carefully selecting raw materials for processed products
  • Stocking all products in large quantities in built 24-hour cold stores



N.G Vietnam is completing a laboratory to perform tests related to the farming quality. Controlling the quality of aquaculture products through a standardized laboratory will help gain the trust of customers and partners cooperating with the company.


Our lab is in charge of carrying out the below tests:

  • Pre-operational equipment and machine
  • Environmental tests for soil, air and water
  • Raw materials tests for the bacterial and chemical content before arrival to the processing factory with modern equipment
  • Finished product test before shipment
  • Water quality prior, during and after aquaculture process
  • Microbiology/PCR

Social Responsibilities img_symbol

Organic products

We understand that in recent years, the seafood industry is developing more and more rapidly, causing a series of consequences related to environmental pollution, diseases and low seafood quality.


Therefore, in order to show our social responsibilities for sustainability, we always stick to our commitments in terms of:

  • Product quality
  • Food safety
  • Environmental safety
  • Integrity to customers and partners
  • Traceability


N.G Viet Nam owns advanced aquaculture process with modern infrastructure systems, technological innovation and water quality control for organic seafood products.

Labor policy

Our social responsibilities are also demonstrated by our labor policy:

  • Prioritize the use of local labor
  • Do not use of illegal and cheap labor
  • Do not use of children labor
  • Conform with labor rights and obligations
  • Create favorable working environment for promotion
  • Provide intensive training and professional development

N.G Vietnam ensures that all activities within the company are carried out in a safe manner, in which the working environment is safe for all employees, customers and the community within the control of the company.


Moreover, N.G Vietnam commits to comply with all requirements of customers, local community and legal requirements.


N.G Vietnam commits to implement all injury prevention measures, maintain occupational safety and health management systems to bring happiness to everyone.

N.G Vietnam builds corporate culture based on the pioneering aspirations with pride in intellectual values, bravery and traditional humanities of the Vietnamese.


This culture is not only reflected in the welfare policy for employees, but also in activities that contributes to the common development of the social community.


A number of social activities undertaken by N.G Vietnam that are geared towards the community and society:

  • Build houses of gratitude
  • Give scholarships to poor students, sponsor study promotion funds in provinces.
  • Greatly contribute to the “Golden Heart” fund for many years.


Spread effective farming practices and industrial working manner to the local people where the project is located, contribute to poverty andhunger reduction in localities.

Certifications img_symbol

In 2018, N.G Vietnam is proud  of getting ASC Certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). This is international leading standard for aquaculture based on 4 main platforms include environment, society, animal welfare and food safety.


ASC certification helps the company meet the increasing demand of the global market in general and Vietnam market in particular.

We consider this certification as an important step in our long-term sustainable development strategy to provide the market with a clean product line, ensuring quality and origin.


Along with ASC Certification, N.G Vietnam is also working toward achieving other standards such as MSC, Global GAP, BAP,…