Walmart Group's visit to N.G Vietnam Seafood - N.G Vietnam Seafood
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Walmart Group’s visit to N.G Vietnam Seafood

Walmart Group’s visit to N.G Vietnam Seafood

In the middle of June, the representative of Walmart Group – one of the world’s leading retailer “empires”  paid a visit to the farm of N.G Vietnam Seafood, which is the pioneer in the field of high technology-based white shrimp farming.

Walmart và N.G Việt Nam

Walmart Group’s Representative visited and worked on the high-tech shrimp farming model of N.G Vietnam in Ca Mau.

At this friendly meeting, Walmart’s representative gave great appreciation on the development potential of N.G Vietnam Seafood. By preparing for ASC certification along with progressing to BAP certification, N.G Vietnam is fully capable and qualified to meet the strictest standards for exporting shrimp to the US market. Not only does it meet international standards, it also has extensive aquaculture infrastructure, application of automation, science and technology in aquaculture and environmental treatment to ensure high productivity, abundant supply of vannamei shrimp with impressive output. So, N.G can completely become a big supplier of shrimp to demanding but tough markets such as the US, Japan, Europe, Australia, …

Mr. Hoang Van Hoan – Project Director of N.G Vietnam also proudly shared that the average shrimp yield in the area at present is only about 25-30 tons/ ha/ year. But with an area of 1,600m2 for the grow-out pond, the average output of N.G is very high, about 8-10 tons/ pond/ harvest, and 240-300 tons/ ha/ year (4.5-5 crops/ year). The productivity is further increasing thanks to the strategic directions of the company continuous aquaculture infrastructure optimization, technology investment, human resource training and expansion of farming area. As a result, N.G’s Cultivation Productivity currently ranks first in Southeast Asia and aims to lead Asia.

After visiting and evaluating the status of N.G Vietnam, Walmart’s representative praised the leaders and all employees of the company in efforts to build the brand and reputation by excellent volume and quality of shrimp as well as the successful application of high technology shrimp farming model, and also hope the two sides soon have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.

Source: N.G Vietnam