Who we are - N.G Vietnam Seafood
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Who we are

Who we are img_symbol

In 2014, N.G Vietnam was established for the intensive investment in a high-technology white leg/Vannamei shrimp farming projects in various provinces along the country.


The first project was implemented in Ca Mau with an initial farming area of ​​83 hectares. The province belongs to the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam and is regarded as one of the world’s most suitable areas for warm water seafood farming.
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Following the success of the projectin Ca Mau, we are continuing to expand our farming area to other provinces such as Quang Ninh, Tra Vinh,…


Our target is to apply the most advanced technologies and environment friendly farming model to grow the best and “cleanest” shrimp at the most affordable price for the international market.


N.G Viet Nam always try our best for quality improvement and sustainable development by innovation on technology, procedures and well-trained employees. And it’s our commitment to become a trustful white leg shrimp provider representing premier quality, reliability and second-to-none customer service.

 Our Mission img_symbol

Provide the global market with the highest quality, clean and most affordable Vietnamese shrimp products.


Develop sustainably based on ensuring food hygiene and safety, protecting the environment, balancing social interests, and taking the employees’ interests into consideration.

Our Vision img_symbol

  • To become the biggest white leg shrimp producers in the Asia and one of the biggest shrimp exporters in the global market.



  • To provide super-clean shrimps, exceeding all the strict requirements of techniques and quality to the most demanding markets in the world.

Our Shrimp Projects img_symbol

Project in Ca Mau

Total investment: 700 billion VND(30 million USD)

Planning till 2019:


  • 6.100 tons of shrimp/year.
  • 1 billion post/year.

Total farming area: 95 ha.

Ca Mau is one of the largest shrimp farming centers in Vietnam. This area is ideal for warm water shrimp culture when it is surrounded by coastal mangroves.

Below are details of our projects:


  1. Grow-out farm, 13ha
  • Add: Xeo Mam Hamlet, Tan An Village, Ngoc Hien Dist., Ca Mau Prov.
  • Scale: 13ha with 24 grow-out ponds.
  • Capacity: 800 tons/year.
  • Number of crops: 4,5 crops/pond/year.
  • Investment: 50 billion VND (2.15 million USD)
  • Operated since 2015.


2. Grow-out farm, 70ha

  • Add: Duong Day Hamlet, Tan An Tay Village, Ngoc Hien Dist., Ca Mau Prov.
  • Scale: 70ha with 140 grow-out ponds.
  • Capacity: 5.300 tons/year.
  • Number of crops: 4,5 crops/pond/year.
  • Investment: 364 billion VND (15.65 million USD).
  • Expected completion: Quarter IV/2018.


3. Nursery farm, 12ha

  • Add: Dinh Cu Hamlet, Tam Giang Tay Village, Ngoc Hien Dist., Ca Mau Prov.
  • Scale: 12ha shrimp seedlings.
  • Capacity: 1 billion post/year.
  • Project invesment: 300 billion VND (12.9 million USD).
  • Expected completion: Quarter IV/2019.

Projects in Quang Ninh

Total investment: 1200 billion VND(52 million USD).

Planning till 2020:

Capacity: 13 500 tons of shrimp/year.

Total farming area: 460 ha.


Quang Ninh is one of the leading provinces in white shrimp farming. N.G Vietnam’s project is located in the planned land inside the aquaculture area in Cong Hoa village, Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh province, according to the master plan of Cam Pha city by 2030, vision to 2050. In addition to the favorable natural factors including terrain and climate, this is a very suitable place to implement hi-tech shrimp farming.


With the commitment of partners such as CP (Thailand); Bayer (Germany), N.G Vietnam’s project in Quang Ninh will become a major project with the most modern standard model of the North.


The project on white leg shrimp nursery farm, grow-out farm and food manufacture   using high-tech industrial model in Cong Hoa village, Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh province consists of 3 phases:

– Phase 1, 144ha: Grow-out farm infrastructure and Nursery farm


  • Add: Cong Hoa Village, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Prov.
  • Scale: 144ha with 252 grow-out ponds and nursery farm.
  • Capacity:
    • 505 tons/year.
    • 5 billion post/year
  • Crops: 4,5 crops/pond/year.
  • Investment: 400 billion VND (17.2 million USD).
  • First aquaculture period: Quarter II/2019.
  • Expected completion: Quarter IV/2020.


– Phase 2, 200ha: Food manufacture and Grow-out farm infrastructure

  • Add: Cong Hoa Village, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Prov.
  • Scale: 200ha.
  • Expected completion: Quarter IV/2020.


– Phase 3, 116ha: Grow-out farm infrastructure

  • Add: Cong Hoa Village, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Prov.
  • Scale: 155ha.
  • Expected completion: Quarter IV/2020

Other projects:


  • 300ha project in Hoa Binh district, Bac Lieu: Progress: approved by Provincial Party Committee
  • 300ha expansion project in Ngoc Hien district and Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province: Progress: approved by Provincial Party Committee, land fund has been arranged
  • 500ha project in Tra Vinh province
  • 200ha project in Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province
  • 300ha project in Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh province

Why us img_symbol

N.G Vietnam’s advantage is the favorable location with more than 90 hectares of plentiful raw materials in Ca Mau – one of the largest shrimp farming centers in Vietnam. The area is the ideal living environment for warm water shrimps as it is surrounded by the mangrove forests along the coastline.

The company makes the strong commitments to quality, food hygiene, sustainability, traceability information assurance and environmental concerns. Moreover, with the 100% new and modern processing equipment, we can meet the highest domestic and international seafood trading standards.

In accordance with our key principles of Respect, Reliability, and Responsibility as well as putting the quality and food safety as the top priority, we follow strict health regulations and guidelines within our farms. Together with the positive cooperation with agro-industrial regulators and accreditation agencies, we ensure that our company always supplies safe products with the best quality for consumption when they reach the customers domestically and internationally.

Our Partners img_symbol

We value the partnerships that help the mutual business grow. Below is the list of some of our strategic partners in different business areas: